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-The Frozen Dream- My big sister Mina's website. She has a link to her AMV site there. If you like music videos, you gotta see hers!

-Raistland- A nifty site devoted to the coolest Dragonlance character ever. Except for Tas. >:) The Dragonlance chronicles are my favorate books ever.

-Eidos- The makers of the infamous Tomb Raider games. A lot of ppl seem to like to bash poor Lara Croft, but I'm still a die-hard fan. Long live Lara!

-My DeadJournal- This is my DeadJournal (kinda like LiveJournal) For anyone who's curious and wants to take a look at it. Or you could sign up for your own! ^_^

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Pictures!! ^_^

I'll admit it, I'm no artist. But if you wanna see any of my horrible pictures, go to the misc page. But I'm not going to post anybody else's pix on this site because in my wanderings through the web I've come across lots of sites that have other ppls artwork on them, much to the ire of the artists. And hey, I can understand that completely. it is their work after all. So instead of stealing other ppls pictures, and since I don't have the time nor effort to ask the many great web artists permision to use their work, I've made a collection of links to their sites. (I hope they don't mind ^_~)

So happy picture viewing!!

-The CG shrines- A nifty site with picture shrines of popular video game and anime characters. Lots of variety, but the shrines are all only of girl characters :P

-DeveantArt- A site with links to all sorts af diferent artists creations; wallpapers, skins for various applications, and just about anything else you can think of. These guys are real pros!

-Elfwood- Galleries galore! This place has everything; fantasy, sci-fi, fanart, everything. Lots of diferent artists too, from amateurs to experts. Also has a variety of fanfics and original writings too.

There'll be more spiffy links soon!