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Whoo hoo! 2 whole skins up :P
I'm thinking of making another one, but these things are kinda hard to make, ya know? I guess we'll just have to see

It's princess Garnet from Final Fantasy IX looking over her kingdom. She's one of my favorate characters (2nd only to Vivi) It's from the "The end" screen at (where else?) the end of the game ^_^

Ranma-kun and Ran-chan together (don't ask me how that's possible...) I wanted to try my hand at making animated cursors. (Whew, Those are a lot of work!) But I gave up after I did the sliders. Just too much of a hassle. *sigh* I guess I'm just too lazy ^_~ Ah well.... You'll notice you can't see the EQ. I like skins better that way personaly, so all you picky types'll just have to deal with it :P