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Welcome to my site!

This is just a dinky site for me to put up all my miscellaneous computer stuff that my friends and I've made. Wallpapers, Winamp skins, etc. So take a look around and see if you like it ^_^

Note: I've just recently put this site up, so there's not too much here yet. Hopefully here soon I'll get some really cool stuff to put here. :)

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New update (sorta) *06/023/02*
Well, I haven't actually put anything new up, but I 'd realized I forgot to upload one of the pages after I'd changed it last time >.< and I've also got a guestbook now (I tried getting one when I first made this site, but the guestbook site was messed up) So now people can leave nifty messages for me if they want to. Speaking of which..... I've been toying around with a new winamp skin lately, but whenever I get an idea and start to doodle, my brain just sorta gets fuzzy and I can't think of anything spiffy. So if anyone has any ideas write em down in my guestbook and maybe I can make a cool winamp skin just for them! ^_^

Also, my birthday's coming up! It's the 29th ^_^ YAY ME! anybody out there got a present for me? >:) Heh heh heh...... (no, I don't have any shame thank you! ^_~)

Update *06/09/02* (guess I should've dated the last one huh?)
I made 2 new Koudelka wallpapers! So go check em out!! I also moved the poll to the "Misc" page cause, um... well, just cause. I also made a cool test for my friends (or really anyone who wants to take it) but be warned, it's a quiz on how well you know me, so if you dont, don't feel too bad if you score low ^_~

Hooray! I put up my Ranma 1/2 skin on the Winamp page ^_^

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