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About Me

AIM: Mandarista

Hmm.... Let's see.....
My real name is Jennifer, but you can all call me Mandarista :P. I'm 19 years old and I live in the rather dull and unimpressive state of Washington (NOT D.C.!!). My favorate hobbies are reading fantasy books and playing video games. I hate watching TV though. I've been told I'm rather childish (which I'm sure you could tell if you read through the stuff I write here on my site. Heh heh...) But personally, I prefer people who're a little childish. They're much more fun ^_~

I have a boyfriend. His name is Mitchell. He's very cute and has a really weird sense of humor (but I think that's a good thing). I'm really close to my sister (who, when online, goes by the name "mina the pink fairy" :P) It never ceases to amaze me though. Most ppl don't seem to get along with their siblings well (if all my friends are any example....) I hang out with her and her husband Jarod all the time.(he's a really cool artist! Maybe I can sucker him into drawing something for me to put on the site.... ^_~)

I have a sort of obsession with pretty much anything Japanese (even though I'm not ^_^) Music (newer rock and roll type stuff, and more "traditional" stuff. It's very beautifull.), anime, history, culture, Legends and fairy tales, just about anything. I'm even learning to speak Japanese (^_^ yay me!) it's pretty hard though :P


I recently swiped one of my sisters e-mail spam quiz thingies (it's one of those fill-in-the-blanks types), so just in case anyone was interested in my opinions:
12 things that annoy you:

1. People that take religion too seriously

2. Politics

3. How rich people whine that they have nothing to do while poor people die of starvation and desease every day. (why not put their extra time and money to good use!?)

4. Chauvanists

5. Pro-choice people

6. People who think their smarter than everyone else and delight in reminding them every 10 seconds (if they really were smarter, they'd know to be modest ^_~)

7. How people like to act however they want to others and then shift the blame for violence and things from themselves on to stuff like TV and video games, instead of acknowledging that people are the biggest influence of others. (I'm sorry if it sounds harsh, but IMHO, if someone bullies another to the point that they literally snap and hurt the bully, then I have very little sympathy for that bully.)

8. When people think and treat me like I'm 14 years old when I'm really 20 o_O (I look VERY young for my age, or so I've been told....)

9. Old people who blame young people for just about everything, and vice versa.

10. People who bash other ppls ways of doing things just because they don't understand them (like racists, psyco religious fanatics, and really mean old people :P)

11. People who do mean or stupid stuff for no real reason, just cause their bored.

12. Cops who get by with being @$$holes to young ppl for no real reason and then blame the problem on the kids, even though it's not true - "he started arguing and looked kinda threatening, so I gave em a ticket for *insert bullcrap excuse here*" etc... Nice cops are really cool though, but a lot of em get by with crap like that -_- (I know this from personal experience!)

11 people you'd want to spend more time with:

1. Mitch X O X O

2. Mina

3. Cody

4. Jarod

5. Krysti

6. Alma

7. My mom ^_^

8. Myself (everyone needs some "alone" time)

Umm..... I'm outta friends :P

10 things you're looking forward to:

1. My boyfriend and I's 1 year annaversairy (we're not married or anything, we've just been dating almost a year. But isn't that something to celebrate too? Especialy considering what most ppl consider a relationship these days, heh heh....)

2. Finaly saving up enough money to get a PS2

3. Suikoden III (hopefully the above requirements having been met :P)

4. Summer

5. Learning to drive this summer ^_^

6. Getting an easy, really cool high paying job (yeah right....)

7. My sister and I's anual camping trip.

8. Lord of the rings sequels *happy dance!*

9. The third book in the Raistlin chronicles (as if that's ever gonna happen *glares at Margaret Weis* Grrr...... I hate when books leave you hanging, especialy when there's no continuance whatsoever!)

10. Umm..... World peace? (HA HA!)

9 things you wear daily:

1. My super spiffy jewelry.

2. Pants. ( I don't like skirts and dresses)

3. A shirt.

4. Lots of gooey cream (I have dry skin :P)

5. Undies. (CLEAN ones! Honest!!)

6. My watch. (I never ever take it off unless I'm in the shower. I just feel bare without it.)

7. Shoes (I don't like going barefoot. I'm kinda paranoid of poking my feet on something. I hate that....)

8. Nailpolish. (I looove painting my nails ^_^)

9. My birthday suit :D

8 movies you'd watch over and over:

1. Stargate (my all-time favorate movie)

2. The mummy (runs a close second)

3. Lord of the rings

4. Labyrinth

5. Men in black

6. Any of the Star Trek TNG movies ^_^

7. Bubble boy (for when I just feel like giggling like an idiot.)

8. Weird science
(there's a few more too ^_^)

7 people you have kissed THAT way:

1. Mitchell *smootchie goodness!*

2. Dave (uck! I'm VERY sorry about that.... -_-) There's no one else!!

6 objects you touch every day:
(just 1 question, animate or inanimate??)

1. My clothes

2. Myself (o_O How else am I gonna get dressed or shower or brush my teeth or anything!? Pervs.... ^_~)

3. My boyfriend (I give him a hug and kiss nearly every day when I see him)

4. My playstation, untill just recently when I lent it to my boyfriend temporarily. I think I'm going into withdrawls.... X_x

5. My computer

6. Food of some sort

5 things you do every day:

1. Eat

2. Sleep

3. Play video games or on the comp for a bit

4. A little housework (I HATE doing dishes!!)

5. Read cool books (fantasy books are my fav.)

4 foods that you couldn't live without:
(does it count if it's a drink?)

1. PIZZA!!!!!

2. Soda (I know it's bad for me, I just don't care! :P)

3. Spaghetti *drools*

4. Tea -black tea

3 of your favorite songs at this moment:

1. Glay - Missing you

2. Pink - Get this party started (it's just too catchy not to like)

3. Smash mouth - I'm a believer (I liked the original a lot, so I had to like this one)

2 people that have influenced your life the most:

1. My mother

2. My sister Mina(who was sorta my mother for a long while)

1 thing you want in your life:

1. Happiness, or good health. I can't decide which. -the 1st is nice, but the 2nd I'm very lacking in :(