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This is where I've put all the junk that doesn't really fit on the other pages.

Finish this sentence:

Cheese whiz:

Is a very versatile food.
Is icky!
Goes great with tuna sandwiches.
Is kinda kinky....
Is a deadly weapon! o_O

C'mon! Take the cheese whiz quiz! You know you want to....

Here's the nifty test I made for my friends: Wheee!

My gallery of icky art!
I'm definately no artist, but I try my best.They're aranged newest to oldest, if anyone really cares. (Soon you'll see why I don't post much of my art :P) Bwahahaha!

A picture of Spiderman I drew late one night. Full of Spidey goodness. The sketch looked worse, but it looked pretty good once I traced it with ink.

A picture of The top half of Lulu from FFX. She had legs and stuff, but they looked awful, so I cut out the cool part and threw away the rest of the paper. The one on the right I cleaned up in the photoshop so I could try out my comp coloring skills. They sucked. I deleted the colored one.

A picture of one of my AD&D characters. She's a priestess of Sune (hence the super-slut outfit ^_~) She never got finished though, but hey, who really needs 2 hands and a face?

A pencil sketch of an unfortunately headless Princess Garnet from FFIX. I couldn't draw her head right, so I erased it, but Mina decided to draw in a silly smiley face on top for me. But you guys don't get to see it :P I erased that part in the photo shop when I scanned it. HA!