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All this stuff was made by myself or my friends. Everything's ziped btw, sooo.....
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A wallpaper of Koudelka frome the game Koudelka :P I need to finish that game....

This one's of that little ghost girl from Koudelka. I never got far enough in the game to find out who she is though >.<

A Tomb Raider wallpaper I made using pix from various TRs. The Tomb Raider games rock, even if some ppl say otherwise!

Wallpapers I made of characters from a game called War of Genesis 3. I've never actually played the game cause it's Korean, and I've no clue how to speak (or read) Korean.

I know they're not anything special, but I was really bored one day and I liked the character pix a lot so I just felt like having em on my desktop.
All are 800x600.

An abstract wallpaper made by Mina.
I love the frilly bits ^_^

A wallpaper of a character named Alexiel from one of Minas mangas called Angel sanctuary.

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Icons ^__^

AChocobo from Final Fantasy.

A Moogle from Final Fantasy.

A Legend of Dragoon Icon.

Ranma 1/2 Icons.

Final Fantasy VI Icons.

Final Fantasy VII Icons.

Final Fantasy X Icons.

NOTE: I Make wallpapers and icons from really cool pix I find on the web, for myself, just cause I like em. I usually don't put up anything on this site using pictures from any individual artists (unless I'm unaware their someone else's), cause I know they sometimes have a problem with that. But official images from video games, anime, ect. I'll put up cause These pix are all over all sorts of websites anyways, and it'd be kinda silly for their owners to plaster them on tv and the web and then complain about ppl having them on their comps. But for the really nit-picky: These pix are not mine. I just made spiffy wallpapers out of them. The characters and images remain copyrighted by their respective owners. If I did put anything of yours up, just e-mail me and I'll give you full credit or take it down if you like.